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The recommendations page in your dashboard is your organic search and content “to do list.” Here you can see your On Page Optimization Score, and your Recommendation Summary.

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Below your On Page Optimization Score and Recommendation Summary is your list of recommendations, broken out into three categories:

  • Keywords and Content – Use keyword and content recommendations to understand how targeted words and phrases are performing in your SEO and content strategy. Click into keywords for in-depth information such as average rank, individual keyword Findability Score, and more.
  • Page Structure – These recommendations will help you ensure tags are properly utilized on your site, including H1 tags and meta tags. A full listing of all tag optimizations across all pages provides a quick hit list for your SEO strategy.
  • Crawlability – Make sure search engines are able to find your site and pages quickly and correctly. Use the crawlability recommendations to understand SEO updates you can make that will ensure you’re found by the top search engines.

Each of these sections lets you know how many errors there are for each recommendation, and assigns it an Importance, Difficulty, and Risk assessment. You can use these assessments to best prioritize and assign recommendations within your organization.

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 You can also view the last time your site was crawled and updated for recommendations. GinzaMetrics performs daily search engine crawls to ensure you have the most current analysis of your site available.

Use the “Tasks” option in your workflow navigation to assign recommendations to team members or track your progress.