Reporting and Analytics

Reach Your Audience with the Best Content

Your GinzaMetrics platform gives you the power to identify, create and optimize your site for the content that is searched for by your target audience. Combine insights on keywords, pages, links, social signals, competitors and more into reports customized for your needs. Your dashboard will provide both charts and graphs to display data with drill downs for more detail available in nearly every instance.

Reporting & Analytics

Daily crawls

With more frequent updates than any other platform, GinzaMetrics keeps you ahead of the industry with reporting, analytics and recommendations completed daily.

Daily Crawls

Enterprise-grade technology

You can rest assured you’ve got security, a robust, distributed infrastructure, and the highest data integrity in your dashboard.

Enterprise Grade Technology

Scalable Platform

GinzaMetrics provides the most scalable platform on the market, which makes running even the most sophisticated SEO and content marketing campaigns easy.

Scalable Platform

Customer-centric Design

We design our product hand-in-hand with our customers, to deliver features you need and evolve with your brand.

Search Engine Performance Summary

Segmentation and Grouping

Make sure you and your team can own and manage campaigns, discover trends and take action with segmentation and grouping capabilities.

Keyword Group Rankings

Device filtering

Filter your data by desktop, tablet and smartphone to ensure that your audience finds you successfully no matter which device they are using.

Device Filtering

Custom Reports

Our reporting capabilities are built to show the ROI of your efforts to key stakeholders, including scheduled sends to various team members and completely customizable layouts with drag and drop modules. All reporting and dashboard analytics views can be white labeled to match your organization’s branding. They also can be exported in a variety of formats for various usability such as Excel, csv and PDF. Reports and analytics can be viewed by user-defined content groups and keyword groups to segment out campaigns and marketing efforts. A Notes feature within reports and exports allows you to add context to visuals.

Custom Reporting

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