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Optimizing content across your entire site can be daunting, especially when search engine algorithms change daily and your competitors publish content constantly. Using your GinzaMetrics platform, you can ensure the success of sophisticated campaigns with our audit of your entire site and comprehensive prioritized recommendations.

Recommendations Summary


GinzaMetrics’ recommendations are broken down into key categories including: Keywords & Content, Page Structure, and Crawlability. An on-page optimization score as well as total score for each of the three recommendation categories gives you an “at-a-glance” view of your overall site performance.

Optimizations Score Graph

Multilayered Recommendations

Access multi-layered recommendations at Site, Page and Keyword level throughout the platform. View your recommendations by looking at errors and issues and then assessing: Difficulty, Risk, and Importance. Using GinzaMetrics content groups and keyword group options, you can view recommendations for particular areas of site content to hone your efforts and resources.

General Recommendations

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