Finding The Best Search Tools For Your Business

SEO has been around for awhile now (and despite some premature reports is not dead), social analytics is growing in importance, and content marketing has claimed the number one spot as a marketing tactic. Measuring the effectiveness of campaigns is no longer a question of “if”, but “how” and at what depth. Metrics at a [...]

Where Does SEO Fit in Organizations?

As the algorithm rules change, so does the role of SEO in organizations.  SEO departments were first formed to support adversting and to help companies build multitudes of links in order to get their brand found.  The huge shift in efforts toward content creation has caused a change in how companies are using SEO.  The [...]

How to make SEO succeed in your organization

The following blog post is an recap from a webinar with Marc Eberhart, Director of Marketing, Chegg.   Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Marc Eberhart, Director of Ad Services, at Chegg, the leading hub and online education portal for students. Marc has been involved with SEO for over 15 years at companies [...]

The Landscape of Search and Marketing Tools

With brands relying heavily on SEO and content marketing tools (and a host of other related marketing technologies) to push their products forward, the question today is whether these tools can stand the test of time–will they be around 5 years from now?  Many functions will probably remain the same, such as keyword and topic [...]

New Features Announced: Mobile Search Insights, Multiple Market Targeting, and Support for Qihoo 360

Today, we will be launching a number of new features aimed at providing you a better search marketing experience. The updates include mobile search insights for iPhone and iPad devices, support for Chinese search engine Qihoo 360 (, and the ability to target multiple markets from a single site. Starting today, only GinzaMetrics users can see mobile search rankings by search engine for iPhone and iPad traffic at a daily granularity. We plan to provide search rankings for Android devices later in Q2.   Mobile [...]

FOUND Friday: How Viral Content Impacts Search & Social Media

On Friday, April 18, COO Erin Robbins O’Brien and I will discuss how viral content impacts search and social media, both positively and negatively. We want you to join the conversation. Share your successes or horror stories with viral content by commenting during the live event or by tweeting using #FOUNDFriday. Join our discussion, by coming [...]