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Getting Ready for 2015 in Q4 2014

We recently teamed up Brett Relander, digital marketing strategist and founder of Launch & Hustle, and Erin Robbins O’Brien, COO GinzaMetrics, to discuss the current state of digital marketing and to provide some insights and tips to use as Q4 2014 approaches. Mobile – The Largest Future Influencer Moving toward 2015, mobile is going to [...]

A New Breed of Tools Effectively Measure Content

Content marketing has become the last legitimate way for brands to reach their target audiences. A recent report by CMI states that “B2B marketers have cited web traffic and sales lead quality as their top content marketing metrics for the last 3 years.” The most effective marketers are measuring content effectiveness and creating marketing strategies [...]

FOUND Friday #31 with Brett Relander

A FOUND Friday that you will not want to miss! Join us as Brett Relander, strategic digital marketing consultant and founder of Launch&Hustle, and Erin Robbins O’Brien, COO GinzaMetrics discuss: Digital Marketing Tactics for Business Growth Be part of the discussion with Brett and Erin as they chat about what’s working and best practices for [...]

Measuring the Effectiveness of Content Marketing Campaigns

What color is your ROI? Effective marketing campaigns are moving the needle away from the red and creating more revenue than costs. Marketing campaigns cannot exist just to exist, they must contribute to the bottom line and support corporate goals. Last week Erin Robbins O’Brien, COO GinzaMetrics sat in on The Friday Hangout with hosts [...]

Creating Measurable Content to Meet Strategic Goals

Everyone is talking about the importance of not just creating content, but creating quality content that drives sales and increases brand awareness. We have been talking to marketers about the challenge of knowing what content to create and how to measure it. This week, we asked Cory OBrien, Digital Strategist at The Richard’s Group, to [...]

Creating the Right Content at the Right Time

So many new factors are at play in the B2B and B2C world, but the primary goal remains – get more customers, keep existing customers, and increase the bottom line. More and more, the focus of that task is falling on the marketing and public relations departments. The demand for creative, intelligent content has increased [...]

Marketer’s Top Challenge: Effective Workflow

We’ve been polling marketers and doing surveys for the last few weeks. The question we are asking, “What is your toughest challenge? What is the hardest part of your job?” The answer has been overwhelmingly one thing. Workflow. Marketers are still struggling with showing relevant KPIs and benchmarks. They are seeking job security by explaining [...]

Effective Workflow & Task Management for Clients and Agencies

Recently, GinzaMetrics COO, Erin O’Brien, had a chance to catch up with Fuel Interactive COO, Stuart Butler, about the challenges that face marketers and agencies with regards to workflow, process, and overall client/agency relationships. The FOUND Friday discussion provided lots of insight and tips not only about how to handle these challenges, but how to [...]