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Another Google Algorithm Change Prompts Updates In Analytics

 Changing Algorithms Google has updated their search algorithm again.  Just a few days ago, it was announced that Google has added a new update to their local search algorithm, named by Search Engine Land as the “Pigeon update.” With Google’s constantly changing algorithms, some minor and others major – Google Panda and Google Penguin – [...]

Channel Performance Chart is Now Live in the GinzaMetrics Dashboard

Upon logging in to our dashboard today, GinzaMetrics users will notice a new chart on the main screen. The Channel Performance Insights chart provides a collective view of website traffic from multiple marketing channels. We are excited to add this chart so that brands and agencies can gain a better understanding of the channels driving audiences to their [...]

GinzaMetrics Adds Traffic Summary Bar to Search & Content Marketing Dashboard

Today we’ve added a Traffic Summary Bar to your GinzaMetrics dashboard, providing you with a snapshot of top-level website analytics.  Adding this bar makes it easier to gain insights into website performance at a glance, without needing to log into both your SEO and site analytics dashboards. For those of you who are long-time GinzaMetrics [...]

GinzaMetrics Extends Shift to Content Through Content Grouping

Over the last year, the marketing industry has seen a definitive shift away from keyword-centric SEO towards a content-centric approach. Search engine updates such as Hummingbird, Secure Search, Panda and Penguin have all pointed to this movement – organic marketers have seen the writing on the wall for a while. With content playing an increasingly [...]

GinzaMetrics PDF Reporting Feature Improved

Today we’re announcing some massive improvements for our PDF Reporting feature, which brings additional enhancements to the GinzaMetrics Workflow & Reporting suite for our search and marketing users.  GinzaMetrics has offered users a customized report builder since last year, and it has been used by many of our agency customers to deliver personalized reports to [...]

GinzaMetrics Releases New Competitor Reports for SEO & Content Platform

The GinzaMetrics team is happy to announce the availability of new competitor reports for our users. The new features are available in group view as well as trended rank view. These updates are the result of continued effort to provide deeper insight into competitor and industry trends, so that you can maximize your own SEO [...]