GinzaMetrics API Documentation

The Ginzametrics API v3.0 is designed to provide developers with the ability to programmatically manage and retrieve search rankings, optimization recommendations, social signals and web analytics data.

GinzaMetrics API

It lets agencies and advertisers use Ginzametrics as a critical piece of their marketing infrastructure and automate key SEO functionality.

Early Access Release

Note: Version 3.0 of the API is currently made available on an early access basis, meaning that not all of the methods exist in the API at this time. Furthermore, there are still some known issues with the API. If you are a developer working with the API on this basis, please help us by reporting any issues to We will respond within 24 hours on business days and work to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

API Overview

The API is powered by the same robust, distributed architecture that runs GinzaMetrics. GinzaMetrics is a multi-layered platform and makes the management of disparate, often messy data sources simple and transparent. This makes it painless for you to use in your production environments. 


The API is available to all paying customers, but you will need to request an API key for your user account.

If you would like to gain access to the API, please email


The API is designed to be simple, usable and accessible from any client. The default output format is JSON and the API commands generally follow REST design principles.

To start using the API, follow the steps on the Getting Started guide.