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Highlight Campaign Value and Wins to Clients and Executives

Helping clients achieve their goals requires the coordination of many moving parts and staying a step ahead of the industry. Easily show the return on their investment with white labeled reports that can be automatically delivered to team members you specify. Use our custom dashboards to display necessary information to executives, clients, and fellow team mates that include your commentary to provide context around every aspect of campaign performance.

Agency Support

White Labeling

Our fully white label-able dashboard and reporting features were built in collaboration with agency and in-house customers. Complete white labeling including: domain, logos, reports, emails. Advanced white labeling and individualized options are available if desired per discussion.

White Labeled PDF Reporting

User Permissions

Secure user permissions and access control lists for shared dashboards. Create custom dashboards based on role and reporting needs to maximize time spent within the platform. For example, you may wish to create an Executive Dashboard that can be logged into by certain team members that provides high-level metrics and an overview of progress, while a Content Manager Dashboard may expose data around particular campaigns.

Set User Permissions

Custom Dashboards

Create custom dashboards based on role and reporting needs. Creating reusable themes means you can add logos, headlines, and other elements to your reporting center and then simply select them moving forward to save you time and ensure consistency.

Custom Dashboards

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